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Ballet uniform is as follows:

Primary/Standard I

  • Pink sleeveless leotard
  • Short pink chiffon skirt
  • Ballet socks
  • Ballet shoes (leather or satin)

Standard II - Grade III

  • Pink sleeveless leotard
  • Pink elastic belt
  • Ballet socks or pink tights
  • Soft ballet shoes

Standard IV and up

  • Black sleeveless round neck leotard (ideally revolution RV3001 design)
  • Black elastic belt
  • Pink ballet tights
  • Soft ballet shoes
  • Pointe shoes to be discussed with Mrs Gunn or Mrs Coyle from Grade VI upwards

Hair should be neatly tied back, ideally in a bun.

Uniform for contemporary classes consists of a vest top or leotard, and leggings or footless tights.